Review: Cress by Marissa Meyer

Review of Cress by Marissa Meyer

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

“Captain?” “Yeah?”
“Do you think it was destiny that brought us together?”
“No. I’m pretty sure it was Cinder.”

First, I’d like to proclaim my undying love for Thorne and Cress. Mostly Thorne, really. But I absolutely adored Cress’s characters, especially her awkwardness and the daydreams she has built up in her mind. And, well, Thorne has found himself a permanent spot on my smol cinnamon roll and book boyfriends lists. But more on them later!

Are you ever reading a series and suddenly realize, like halfway through it, that the book you’re on is infinitely better than the previous ones? Like, it makes me proud for the author that their writing and storytelling has improved so much that it’s noticeable? Meyer’s storytelling really flourishes in Cress and I was so enthralled by it that I finished it in a day. Cress is by far the best book in the series so far, the others are good but this one really kicks it up a notch. It was a whirlwind of action, humor and heart pounding moments.

I’m a sucker for the “traveling together” trope and this book delivered well in that department. There were those moments you laughed with the characters, cringed for them and felt angry at them, all fantastic plot devices to any good book.

“Listen, Cress, I hate to break this to you, but I am sweaty and itchy and haven’t brushed my teeth in two days. This just isn’t a good time for romance.”

The chemistry between Cress and Thorne is undeniable and I felt myself feeling like a gushy schoolgirl during their chapters. I enjoyed the reality of Thorne’s “predicament” in earnest and love that Meyer added it to the story, creating this need for dependence upon Cress. Cress’s naivity and dreamy personality is so cute and Thorne’s aloofness in dealing with her was both endearing and humorous. Really, add them to my OTP list. I love them.

In this story, Cinder is faced with the reality of her situation and must decide what her next course of action is to be. She may be Earth’s last hope and she’s going to need help to stop Levana. As with Scarlet, I was also thrilled with the growth of Kai in this book and felt as though he was really developing into the leader his people need, even if it means sacrificing his own happiness.

I did feel as though Scarlet and Wolf did not have as big of a role in this installment as they should have and were almost left on the backburner at times. If I could change one thing about this novel, it would be to give them a larger role.

AND IKO! I’ve always loved her, but her part in this book was really fun and I delighted in the chance to read from her POV. In Cinder, I said she was like a mix between R2D2 and WALL-E, but the truth is that she is in a class of her own. I found her quirky (hopeless romantic) personality and humorous quips to be quite charming.

Overall, Cress has the qualities of a great story. The plot, the world, the characters are brilliant. The action, romance and humor all flowed naturally with each other and never felt forced. Because of Cress, I highly recommend reading the Lunar Chronicles series!

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