Review Policy

Hello there! First of all, thank you so much for your interest in having me cover your upcoming release.

If you are interested in requesting me to review a book, please consider the following policies before sending your request.

  • I review and post content covering Young Adult, New Adult and Adult Science Fiction, Fantasy and Romance books. I do not review literary fiction, historical fiction or non-fiction books.
  • I only accept books I am actually interested in reading. This is a hobby for me and I loathe the day it comes to feel like a job. I love doing this!
  • I cannot guarantee that I will cover your book on my blog or social media accounts, but if I enjoyed the book it is highly likely that I will. Reviews will be posted before the book is published, unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • I prefer physical copies because I enjoy taking photos of the books I review to cover them on my book-themed Instagram account. I will accept e-book copies but it is unlikely that I will cover the book on my Instagram account unless I purchase a finished copy after release as e-books do not photograph well. My preferred e-reader is Kindle and e-books must be sent in a compatible format.
  • Review copies must be received in a timely fashion, I need at least three weeks from receiving the book before a review can be expected.
  • In addition to my blog, I cover and post (or link to) reviews about the books I read on my InstagramGoodreadsTwitter and Tumblr accounts. I also post my reviews to Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
  • Please use the contact form to inquire about review and blog tour requests. I cannot guarantee that I will respond to requests, but I always try to!

Readers: All of the views expressed on this blog are my own unless otherwise stated. Most of the books I review are finished copies I have purchased for myself. It can be safely assumed any book covered on this blog was acquired that way unless otherwise stated. I will always inform you if a book was received in exchange for an honest review.

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