Review: Reign of Ash by Meg Anne

Review of Reign of Ash by Meg Anne

Rating: 4.0/5 Stars

“Have you ever had a night where you had to stay awake to greet the dawn? A night where you could no longer be certain about the promise of a rising sun?”

Advance copy generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Meg!

If you’ve followed my reviews for any short time, you’ll know that Meg Anne’s first book in her Chosen series, Mother of Shadows, was one of my favorite reads of 2017. Imagine my excitement when I was offered the chance to read a copy of Reign of Ash! Certainly not an opportunity I could pass up. ❤

This is a sequel after all, so expect spoilers for the first book to follow! Read on at your own risk!

This book picks up shortly after the first ended. After a character tries to create a rift between Kiri Helena and her Mate, Von, he vanishes into the night without a trace. Since we last saw Helena and her Circle, they have arrived at the Holbrooke estate, the home of Von’s family. We are soon introduced to new characters, such as Von’s parents and his brother Nial, as well as reintroduced to old characters, such as Gillian’s brother Micha.

A large portion of Reign of Ash focuses on the prophecy and the strain wrought on Helena’s magic after her separation from Von. With a piece of herself missing, Helena struggles to control her magic and her emotions. Determined to find her Mate, before the prophecy’s promises can prove true, Helena and her friends set out on a quest for answers. As Helena and her Circle discover more about the prophecy, Helena must decide how to move forward with the information and warnings placed before her.

One of my favorite aspects was the friendship Helena and Ronan develop during Von’s absence. Ronan’s character was given much more depth and I’ve come to treasure him! Despite not being a member of the Circle, Ronan’s loyalty to Helena runs deep and he is just as driven as she is to find Von. They shared some great scenes and Ronan’s presence is a strong force in bringing Helena out of her depression.

This book shifts perspective between Helena and Von, which works great and gives the reader a glimpse into what Von is experiencing at the hands of his captors. I felt a lot of dread about what they planned to do with him, Gillian has always given me creepy™ vibes and her fascination with Von kept me worried. When their intended plans for Von came to light, I kept shouting “No! No! NO!” in my mind as I was reading.

The atmosphere of Reign of Ash becomes increasingly ominous as it progresses and I found myself on the edge of my seat as we neared the end, clutching all of my favorite characters close to my chest. I had expected the story to encompass more than it did, I’ve been itching to learn more about the Chosen and their lands, but I felt this was a great transition book and am looking forward to the next one! Meg Anne has created an enthralling magical world with an exciting story and captivating characters.

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